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Fife vouchers  is your locally owned and operated  website & application designed for small businesses to advertise their wares and services, and offer vouchers for discounts for **less cost than expensive newspaper ads.

Instead of running an ad in a paper that gets viewed once ( if you’re lucky) and then thrown away, your ad here can be viewed everyday!

**A VERY small newspaper ad will cost you about £60 A WEEK…

Eight week contract required.  8 weeks x £60=£480 = £240 per month!)

This site? Less than ONE POUND per day! With NO set-up fee!

We do all the advertising for  through social media as well as conventional media ensuring a high rate of website hits & shares each and every day. does not charge any percentage of voucher sales, in fact we don’t sell anything at all, so if you offer, for instance a £50 voucher discounts for £25, you keep all of the sale. You simply advertise your product or services and offer a discount.


On  you can offer BOGO’s, ( buy one get one) percentages off, or any other discount you like.  You, the small business owner is in charge, you set the restrictions, on your Fife vouchers. You can change your voucher to suit the season or to coincide with a particular holiday/event for free.**

**Two free changes per month. 

New customers can print your voucher or show it on their mobile device at your business.  They will also have the ability to “share”  their favourite voucher on Facebook exposing your ad to potentially hundreds more people. Advertisers can also share their ad on their Facebook page, spreading your ad even further and to all your followers.

If you are a business owner and would like to advertise with  please fill out the form below with all pertinent details and we will contact you shortly.


5 Rules For Offering vouchers

7 in 10 Prefer specific expiration dates..don’t be vague!

69% disregard or throw away vouchers with too many restrictions

B.O.G.O is KING!.  By far the most sought after voucher

2 to 1 prefer UNIQUE offers, be different!

FREE is not always best, people love free, but make sure it makes sense for your business.

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