Boogie Bounce Fitness

Boogie Bounce Fitness

Unlimited Classes for only £10 Per week.



When you think of a trampoline, you might picture a 7 foot wide circle in the middle of your childhood playground, or perhaps even a more modern indoor trampoline park.

However a Boogie Bounce fitness class using trampolines is very different. Imagine a music-filled room complete with small trampolines allowing each participant their own, individual space to bounce. Most classes also use a built-in handle bar for support.Trampoline fitness classes claim to be high intensity, full body cardio workouts. They are a fun and energetic way to get moving as you jump, tuck and spring your way to fitness. What’s more, the soft springy surface of the trampoline reduces the impact that your joints would typically experience when working out on hard surfaces.



One voucher per person per week.

Boogie Bounce Fitness Information

Boogie Bounce Fitness
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